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Adam Vaughn

Head of Talent Development

Adam Vaughn leads talent development for Make It Happen Media. Before managing talent in the culinary and influencer space, Adam spent more than 15 years managing people and end-to-end servicing, strategy, and digital product operations for a multi-billion dollar/top ten financial institution; where he first met and managed Matt “Mr. Make It Happen” Price. There, Adam and his team led operations for projects with Uber, iHeartRadio, TransUnion, Spotify, and Walmart- on multiple innovative, industry-leading digital products in addition to spearheading Leadership Development for the Department of Defense (DoD). 

Adam is passionate about people. That is his talent. He believes in leaving things better than how he found them and that he gets people to do the best work of their lives.


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Kenadi Hunter

Web Designer + Logistics Manager

Kenadi Hunter and her company, The Chocolate Agency Consulting Group, joined the Make It Happen Media, LLC team in 2021designing the website which led to a long term partnership between the 2 companies where they now help manage the customer service team, shipping logistics, product management and other back-end solution services.
Kenadi started her college career at Oklahoma State University's Spears School of Business for 2 years and finished at the University of North Texas receiving her B.S. in Integrative studies where she focused on Anthropology, Studio Art, and Learning Technologies.
It is with this knowledge and years of experience that has provided her with the fortitude to start and run her full-service agency. 




Featured Clients

Executive Chef/Owner of Huncho House - Hyattsville, MD

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YouTube Content Creator/Recipe Engineer

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OneStopChop Headshot

YouTube Content Creator/Recipe Engineer

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Youtube Content Creator/Recipe Engineer

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