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  • How do I contact you about catering?
    Mr. MakeItHappen is not currently accepting catering opportunities due to the current public health conditions. We will be sure to make an announcement once safety restrictions are comfortably lifted.
  • Where can we see your livestreams?
    I go live on YouTube through my channel Mr.MakeItHappen. You can check out one of my videos on my channel here:
  • What is BoxBe and why do I need to be added to a guest list?
    BoxBe is a third-party software that filters out spam e-mails. We ask all subscribers to be added to the guest list so that you can receive our e-mails without them going directly to spam or junk mail. This is helpful for those who sign up for a virtual class and have not registered or interacted with our site yet so they can receive the important event details such as the grocery list and live link. This tool is also useful because it filters out the unsolicited spam e-mails from important e-mails from our loyal customers.
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